Posted by: whimsigal | October 9, 2007

Kids and Spontaneous "Chores"

Iain and Ryan have really gotten into the Disney Channel show “The Suite Life of Zack and Cody” and on the show, the twin brothers share a room. Last weekend, Iain and Ryan requested that we break down the bunk beds so they could share a room like Zack and Cody do, since they sleep in twin beds. We obliged and I told the boys this would make it easier for whenever they decided to make up their beds. Little did I know that they would do it so soon.

Here’s Ryan’s bed:


You can see that the comforter is slightly askew but I didn’t dare correct it because he was so proud that he’d done it himself.

Here is Iain’s bed:


They have really been enjoying their new room. For Mother’s Day they had given me a small flat tv with a DVD player because I’d been begging for one. Well, once I got it I hardly used it so I decided to donate it to their room. Last night they fell asleep in their beds watching a DVD.

I was just so surprised when I went upstairs and saw that the beds were made. My bed wasn’t even made! LOL Just goes to show again how things can happen when you don’t nag them to death about doing a “chore”. They do it simply because they want to. Beautiful!



  1. Who says it needs to be straight?
    And who says tv isn’t helpful?

  2. Well, you’re right of course, it doesn’t need to be straight. That’s my own anal retentiveness shining through!

    I’m just loving the fact that they want to share a room. Their relationship is so much better than mine with my younger sister at that age.

  3. I would have a tendency to straighten it – though mine isn’t made at all most days!
    But if it’s done (in my mind, also) it needs to be perfect.

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