Posted by: whimsigal | September 25, 2007

What we’ve been up to

Well, not a ton. It’s gotten hot here again and we’ve been sitting inside enjoying the a/c. I had already gone into winter mode and quit shaving my legs so I’ve been burning up in jeans! LOL

Since we cleaned up the boys’ playroom they have been very kind and have kept it tidy. They get out whatever it is they want to play with and then, when they’re finished they put it away. If they construct something, like a lego city for instance:


then they are more than welcome to leave that up. I think even they were so frustrated with the state of the room that they don’t want it to look like that anymore.

Their interests really go in bursts and right now they are really into Legos again.


Iain made lego mario and luigi and Ryan contributed the Luke Skywalker.


They built a lego city and had a good time contructing things from their favorite shows, like the Titan Tower from Teen Titans.

Today Iain has been playing video games and Ryan has been on his computer. We’ve talked about all kinds of things like the 10 commandments, when was the last time Hawaii’s big volcano erupted. It’s been an interesting day! I enjoy times like these because I feel them making connections to the world around them and I feel them connecting with me. It’s a wonderful feeling. Not sure what the rest of the week holds but in this life, the opportunities are endless.



  1. It’s a good life.
    Full of so many wondrous things – it’s pretty great when recognizing the magic becomes commonplace.
    Encouraging to the rest of us, too!

  2. I know I’ve asked before –
    But if I promise not to over-use it, could you Please tell me how to put in the strike-through?
    I’m dying to know!

  3. Well, I just learned how to do the strike-through on Sunday so you haven’t asked me before. That was one of your other friends. (She said in a voice that sounded like a jealous wife)

    lol I don’t mind sharing the secret, especially with someone from whom I stole their blogger layout!

    It’s really easy. But I will have to email it to you because it won’t let me use it in the comment section.

  4. Thanks, Darling!
    I’ll send you a long note tomorrow – I’m out for tonight!

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