Posted by: whimsigal | September 23, 2007

‘Cause This Blog Is About Me, Too

I thought it would be funny to torture regale you with my poetry skills in high school. This will be a weekly thing in order to make sure you get at least one, good, healthy laugh every week. You’re welcome.

Written on December 22, 1985
I was 14.

Once upon a starry night
Only the two lovers were in sight.
Whispering words of a love so dear
Afraid that danger may be near.
Hoping that soon no one will come
and from one another they’ll have to run.

Looking into each others eyes,
Eyes that rival the stars in the skies,
Looking into each others eyes
’twas time they both realize
That they own a love that
Will not last because of the never-ending rivalry in their past.
It was not a time for farewells
but a time for good-byes.
It was not a time for witty tales
but one for tear-filled eyes.

Once again it was time to part.
A time to find a new love to start.
Time to tame
the flickering flame
Time to ease what once was pain.
Time to find seriousness and not to play games.
Time to let the first love fade
Time to get a new love made.


I think I wrote this after I started reading romance novels. Once I did that my life would never be the same…..



  1. Heehee.
    My favorite is
    It was not a time for witty tales
    but one for tear-filled eyes.
    Oh, the tragedy!
    It’s hard to be a teen and wonder if you will EVER find true love.
    Seems like you’ve been waiting forever.

  2. Oh yes, and trying to assign love to every boy you know. I can’t wait to share the rest….there are some doozies.

  3. Fun stuff! I have my own share of cringe-inducing poetry from the 80’s. Sooo dramatic!

    But hey, for a 14 yr old, you weren’t half bad!

    *long drawn out sigh*

  4. Have you heard of the groups of people that get together and read their old journals in bars?

    I think you would definately impress everyone with this poem. It’s got it all!

    Excuse me while I escape to my bedroom to go eat chocolate chips and listening to Morrissey–my favorite things to do in 85. 🙂

    -secret agent

  5. Thanks, Laura. At the time I thought I was going to be the next Edgar Allen Poe or Emily Dickinson. LOL

  6. Secret Agent!I haven’t heard of those people and I’m so glad you shared that site. I’m going to go check it out.

    By the way, I thought you should know that you can download karaoke George Michael Listen Without Prejudice on itunes.

    I did it. You know you want to! LOL

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