Posted by: whimsigal | September 20, 2007

Late Night Inspiration and Early Morning Field Trip

Last night, while looking at Stephanie’s blog about her kids, the boys were looking over my shoulder and became transfixed by the magic they saw in the photographs. They wanted to see more and then..some more…and then more until finally they became inspired to conjure some magic of their own.

First, they built a fort so they could sit in it while watching “Good Night Gorilla”.


Then they graduated to building forts for their toys. Ryan was first and built a fort for Lego Anakin Skywalker and his wife, played today by a Lego Stormtrooper.


Then, as we all know, the most important thing about real estate is location, location, location and Iain decided to build his fort on the breakfast table.


Ryan followed suit.


Of course, we all want a bigger, better place and Mario and Luigi are no exception. The boys had to build them an even bigger crib – just in case MTV calls.


They had so much fun with that and it’s still on the table today!

Then this morning, on my quest to say “yes” more often we journeyed to my least favorite place on earth, Chuck E. Cheese. Yes, folks, at 10am we headed out the door and hit Chuck’s place with the bum’s rush. $10 worth of tokens and these kids were ready to get down to business!

First, we had to play the Simpson’s coin game and try and win tickets…we got a few.

Then on to Skee Ball. Ryan was pretty terrifying at this because he couldn’t grasp the idea of rolling the ball. He was hurling that thing to Kingdom Come and I was afraid of ricochets and missing teeth. But we all made out okay.

We played Ms. PacMan, a water gun squirting game, more skee ball, played in the play place and then finally wrapped things up with a helicopter tour of the facility. Well, not really…


The boys had enough tickets to get some cotton candy and tootsie rolls which was a great combo, let me tell you!

After we got home, I did a radio interview with Kemi, the Radio Mom ( about the unschooling article and then, Ryan locked us all out of the house, for the third time this year. Sheesh. When will I learn to get an extra key?? It really sucked to have this happen today because my sister and my parents are both out of town so Sean had to drive all the way home from work to let us in, 45 mins each way. He was a real trooper about it though. Much more so than I would have been!

It’s been an action-packed day and it’s only 3:00! Good grief! What else do we have in store??



  1. heeheehee!
    I can much relate to this one, friend.
    If I ever get a moment free, I really need to post on hf, as it is, I can barely keep up with the children, and it is sadly outdated – for me!

  2. Ryan spent a long time today looking at Ordinary Life Magic on his computer. He really enjoys looking at the pics. I think he feels a connection to Trev since they both live in underwear.

    I keep going to H&F waiting for your next post. I do love them so!!

  3. Wow! What a day you had! You are an unschooling pro.

  4. Ha!
    You just want juicy confessions!..

    Now you know how I pine when you leave me THREE DAYS without notes about what’s going on in Your World!

  5. Steph, you know me too well….

  6. thanks, marin!

  7. Two things –
    Please tell us about your second Claim to Fame,
    and two –
    I took Trev on a tour de Boys, and he was fascinated!
    He was so pleased with the cars, ChuckECheese, and The Den!
    He wnts to know about the Gorilla show….

  8. You mean the radio interview? A lady contacted me a couple of days ago and asked if she could interview me for her radio show. We recorded it today and I hope I didn’t sound like a moron. I completely blanked out about what I was saying! She said it will be on her website next week but I’m not going to listen to it, I’ll be too embarrassed.

    Oh, I’m so glad Trev liked the boys’ stuff! They’ll be so excited! Good Night Gorilla is a DVD that the boys watch, filled with animated bedtime stories. It’s not an Animal Planet-type thing. It very soft and quiet and can help the boys get ready for bed after a hectic day. Good Night Gorilla is actually a book and it’s the first story they tell on the DVD.

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