Posted by: whimsigal | September 19, 2007

Let me tell you how God made women

Just a few moments ago, while standing in the kitchen with my precious 5 year old, he said, “Momma, you know how God made women?”

“How?” I responded.

“Well, God stood behind them and pushed on their backs a little bit and poof! They had boobs and they were women.” He was so proud of himself for having this revelation.

I just hugged him and inhaled that sweet innocence. Inside I was laughing my ass off. It was the funniest explanation of how women came to be that I can ever remember hearing.



  1. Ha ha ha…laughing my ass off here too. That is so cool that he thought of it.

  2. *snort* Ha!

  3. Welp,
    methinks if that is so, it was cause God knew that we’d need to be a step ahead of our brothers, and he was pushing us to get us going!

  4. I love it! Ha!!! 🙂

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