Posted by: whimsigal | September 19, 2007

A Rich and Interesting Life

After reading an email from one of the unschooling groups the other day, I realized that I’m still not doing this thing exactly right. I was putting too much importance on letting the kids choose our activities and wasn’t doing enough to offer intersting things on my own. The email said to unschool successfully you must live a rich and interesting life. I can tell you that I don’t feel we’ve been doing that. We’re at home a lot and I think the boys have grown accustomed to that and resist going anywhere unless it’s the video game store. While I know we can learn a lot here, it feels like there is a lot we can do outside the home that we’re not doing so today, we embarked on leading a richer more interesting life.

We got up early-ish and headed out the door to a historical spot in town where a major battle was fought during the revolutionary war. This would have never interested me as a child but the boys were really into it. I was quite surprised by their level of interest frankly. They wanted to stop at all the stops and read all the signs and plaques. I’m not sure what they learned today but they enjoyed being outdoors, for a while anyway. The wind was really blowing today and ever since the tornado warning a few days ago, Ryan has been really freaked out by the weather. He’s already sound sensitive and add to that his new fear of storms and you have an equation for incredible upset. Once he reached his limit we had to go home. Here are a few pics from our adventure this morning and a link to the rest of the photos in the set:

Guilford Battleground Photos

Freud would have a field day with this monument, erected in memory of a private soldier who slew eleven enemy forces with his own broad sword. I think that says it all.


Boys reading the information to Mario and Luigi. They go with us everywhere!


There are trees like this all over the park and I just love them. I couldn’t capture the gorgeous expanse of branches that this tree has. It is truly stunning.


This was the point where Ryan got freaked about the wind and we had to leave. I feel so bad for him! I wish he weren’t so frightened.


Hopefully this was the first of many new adventures for us!



  1. Hey, you could come out this way for a new adventure! We have the capitol building and a few museums.

  2. There’s tons of stuff your way that I’d like to see and as soon as this puppy isn’t peeing everytime I leave you’d better believe we’re coming over there!

  3. Hey!
    Just wanted to say…
    Don’t beat yourself up about this, and think in terms of “wrong”!
    Remember that your children have been happy, learning, and thriving for the last while – regardless of where you’ve gone and what sort of strewing you’ve done!
    It is wonderful that the boys are interested in history – they probably didn’t know that,and neither did you, but they might not have been a month ago.
    There are loads of uschoolers who live out in the boonies, on farms in the middle of nowhere, and they do this thing, too, and are successful and happy.
    LIfe goes in cycles and stages, friend, and has lots of “down time”, and you are doing a wonderful job, and supplying them with lots of room for growth and expansion.

  4. ps – why are ALL monuments to men phallic symbols?????

  5. Man, I had a great response for you Steph and I lost it. So irritating!! Grrrr!

    What I wanted to say is I know you’re right, that I shouldn’t be too hard on myself. I was just afraid that I had settled into a rut and wasn’t giving them new things to think about. This is all still so new to me that I worry how to “do it” too much.

    AS far as the monument goes, after I read the inscription that actually had the word erect on it. I thought I was going to totally lose it. Why do they do that?? It’s beyond me. However the eternal 12 year old in me sure did enjoy it! LOL

  6. Poor Ryan.

    My TJ used to get really freaked about things — including weather — too.

    In my experience (TJ is now 27 and fearless) this too shall pass. Give him a big hug, assure you that you take take of him and look about for his safety and he’ll be OK. 😉

    (You have gorgeous boys, BTW)

  7. Hey Misti! Thanks for your compliment of my boys!

    I hope his fears pass soon, maybe I shouldn’t even put a time on it in my head , I don’t know. Last night he started getting scared about the doors being locked and bad guys getting in. I think this is one of those situations where I don’t want him to be like me. I’m afraid of my own shadow half the time and wouldn’t wish that on anyone. Also, my mom is agoraphobic and I’d hate it if that got passed down to him as well.

    I guess I just need to relax about it though because surely my stress about it will only make things worse.

    Thanks again!


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