Posted by: whimsigal | September 17, 2007

Camping…well, sort of

On Saturday night, we decided we were going camping. “In the mountains?”, you ask. “The beach perhaps?” No, no, no, no, no, no. We were REALLY roughing it and camping out in the backyard. See, we were supposed to go to the beach but that fell through so in order to experience some kind of vacation, we were going to pitch tents, eat outside, sleep in sleeping bags, the whole nine! One catch. I had never done it before. Well, that shouldn’t be a big deal, right? I mean we were right in the backyard. Friends, it was a bigger deal than I gave it credit for because I didn’t make it outside for longer than 3 and a half hours. OK, you can stop laughing now. Stephanie! I can hear you over here……

Don’t misunderstand me. I’m not a high maintenance kind of girl. AT ALL. I do have a ferocious fear of public bathrooms though but that’s it. I think. Anyway! The kids were gung-ho about it and I was too. We had raked off an area to set up camp and Sean had gotten out his camping stove and all the associated gear. Here’s what our set-up looked like:



All was well. After days and days of sweltering southern heat the air was finally cool and crisp and glorious. I had on long pants and a light jacket. It was heavenly! We had cooked hot dogs over the open flame, roasted marshmallows, made s’mores (which I don’t really like), told ghost stories, and we had settled into our respective tents for the night. Lily, the puppy was sleeping in the boys’ tent and Melvin was parked outside of ours, looking ever watchful. Sean and I had snuggled up when suddenly, Melvin tore off into the far reaches of our yard barking his head off which set Lily off. She thinks she’s so tough! Evidently there wasn’t anything for Melvin to kill because he and Lily came back up to the camp. We put Lily in our tent and Melvin lay back down outside. I had just dozed off to sleep when again Melvin went jumped up growling fiercely, Lily did the same – on my head.

At this point, I was done. It was 12:30 and all I wanted to do was get a good night’s sleep. I wanted to go inside and sleep in my own bed and I didn’t want to leave the rest of my family outside without me. Silly? Maybe. But I was tired and not thinking straight. I thought I would have to sleep indoors with the doors unlocked and I have OCD about checking the locks on the doors so that wasn’t going to work. I demanded that Sean help me cart the kids inside. Needless to say everyone was very unhappy with me for a while the next day. We’ll have to try it again. I just don’t know how I’ll make it though the night out there. But the kids were so disappointed that I have to get beyond thinking about myself and think about them.



  1. Well, I can’t really blame you THAT much. A barking dog is most annoying!
    At first it’d make you jumpy, then annoyed, then (if you’re me and getting woken up) downright demonic.
    So I can understand!
    About the doors thing…. you lost me on that one – while I lock the front, the back I don’t – but to be at your side once more – I detest public restrooms.
    Loathe them.
    I love the “came back to camp” part as if you live on a 75 acre farm! (which I think you would have mentioned before now if that were the case!)

  2. We’re some hardy campers, eh? Wouldn’t you agree, Stephanie?! 😛

  3. Well, Stephanie you are correct. We don’t live on a 75 acre sprawl but we do have a .5 acre lot. In our area that’s a pretty good size yard. I wish we lived on a farm….that’s my dream. I am a complete freak about locking doors though. We live in a nice area but very close by is a not so nice area and just this past spring there were a rash of break-ins. MOst of them happened during the days while people were working in their yards and had a door open. Not me sister. That’s not why I lock my doors but it justified it for me! I’ve been afraid of “Bad guys” for as long as I remember and I even have a ritual of touching the locks and saying “locked” out loud two or three times. That is why I couldn’t imagine sleeping in the house with the door unlocked. It’s crazy but it’s my reason!

    The dogs were making me scared, too. Melvin kills all kinds of stuff in the yard and I just didn’t want to come face to face with a possum or something, dead or alive. They’re yucky. When he kept running off like that it just made my imagination go crazy. I guess that makes sense doesn’t it, since I’m crazy?

    Geez, you guys are going to quit coming here….

  4. Ahhhh, Secret Agent….so good of you to stop by and poke fun at my lack of camping skills! LOL I’ll try it again. I think I can do it now…in the backyard anyway.

    You guys can come out with your families and we’ll have “unschoolstock”. It could be fun!


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