Posted by: whimsigal | September 14, 2007

Another Fun Outdoor Day

We took advantage of yet another great weather day here. It seems the miserable heat has finally gone away and we can begin to enjoy fall weather. Here in the South that means 80’s instead of 90’s but I’ll take it! We headed on down to the park, which is just a short walk from our house:

First we go down the street then…

We hit the trail!

Iain loves the monkeybars.


Ryan had hobbit feet…again!


I’ll be honest with you. He went to bed with those feet!

On the way home we spotted this dude:

He had a whole bunch of plants all to himself. We couldn’t believe he was the only caterpillar there.

We went home and rested a bit and then we went back out with the dogs. Lily, the puppy, is a crazed maniac on the leash. She cannot stand for anyone to get ahead of her and starts barking when that happens! Melvin could care less. He’s just happy to get out and check his pee-mail.

It was a really nice day.



  1. Hobbit feet! That just cracks me up. My youngest has permanent hobbit feet too – maybe they could start a club or something?

  2. LOL That’s a great idea! He has them constantly and looks like he’s been making the trek to Mount Doom.

    I wonder what they could call their club…

  3. That caterpillar is gorgeous! Nice shot!

  4. Can you believe we went back down there today and he was still there! On a different leaf but he hadn’t been picked off by any predators. I was really surprised!

  5. I’ll have to ask Jonathan… he’ll be jazzed at the thought of celebrating his ever-dirty feet! 🙂

  6. Er…
    do you think they would let girls in their club?
    Grown ones?

  7. LOL Sure! My feet can certainly qualify as hobbit feet several days out of the week.

    I don’t have the nickname “dirty kid” for nothing….

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