Posted by: whimsigal | September 13, 2007

Finally A Break in the Weather!

We were able to go outside and play last night as the sun was going down and enjoyed the cooler temps that had finally reached our neck of the woods.


“momma! You can see my muscles in that picture!”


“Take a picture of me running at my full speed!”

Do you see Ryan dancing in the background? He cracks me up.

Ryan had ordered a MegaMan action figure off ebay a couple of weeks ago and it finally arrived yesterday. He was quite happy about it. It came all the way from Canada, which opened up all kinds of conversations!



  1. I love this post!
    (course I love the Magical Moments…)

  2. Much better than the personal gloom and doom I’ve been posting! lol

  3. Mmmm, which is exactly why I have the one for “me”, and the other one for “the babes”. Don’t want to taint their happy childhood moments with what I was thinkin’ behind the scenes at the time!

  4. Ouch. I’m tainting their childhood memories?

    I had no idea you felt that way.

  5. ebay! The Golfer is learning to type so he can set up an ebay account. That place is the be-all, end-all to him. 🙂

    Have fun with MegaMan!

  6. Hey Tiffani!

    Ebay is one of Ryan’s favorite places to visit. He knows how to spell some of his favorite things and he does searches for them all the time! THe thing that he has trouble understanding is that you can’t just buy something when you see it, that sometimes it’s an auction. I’m afraid I haven’t done a very good job explaining how that works!

    One of my faves is being able to just buy Lego people. Ryan loves Lego people like Spider-Man, SpongeBob, obiwan kenobi, etc and the sets these guys come in can be pretty price prohibitive. you can buy only them on ebay though and that has been a real lifesaver here, let me tell ya!

  7. What?!?
    oh, no!!!!
    Of course I don’t mean that!
    You can feel my panic, can’t you?
    Now she chokes out pained laughter…
    Sheesh, Evie, my believing you are poisoning or tainting your kids childhood is like my saying that… I don’t believe in fairy tales!

    All I meant was I tend to go on and on (as you know), and I felt the need to have two seperate blogs for it… one to say “I suck at this” and the other to say “look how well they/things are turning out anyway!”
    I’ve said that oneday I want to put OLM into a book for them, and thought the “behind the scenes” book should be seperate.
    I try to keep my opinions out of OLM, a trying fete!
    Not at all saying that your blog is unshiny, Dear Friend, you should know I lovelovelove coming here to read and see the sparklies, even the ones with a couple tiny pieces of broken glass!
    Especially those maybe, as I love the truth, as you well know!
    Sending hugs a thousand+ miles east and a bit south,

  8. Please, don’t apologize. Really. I don’t know why I took it that way. It was dumb and a not so great moment for me to even think for a minute that you would say something with even a hint of sarcasm or bad intent in your heart. There was no reason for me to have interpreted it that way. I’m going through a little bit of a rough spot, suffering through some personal sensitivity and I should be the one apologizing that you were caught in the fray. I’ve been feeling quite sorry for myself. Top that with a scoop of general unhappiness with my life at the moment and you have all the makings of the perfect pity party. So, please, please, please. Accept my apology. I’m a big dumbass, a cotton-headed ninnymuggins. YOU are my friend and I should know better than to assign you with a bad intent. I’m very, very sorry. It was so incredibly childish of me. I feel horrible that you even had to explain it. Please don’t be mad!

  9. You know I’m not mad.
    Or even hurt.
    I’m just sorry that I caused you unhappiness even for a moment!

  10. Well, I brought it on myself, didn’t I? Law of attraction, right?

    You caused no unhappiness, friend. It was my own silliness and flair for the dramatic.

    xxoo right back at ya!

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