Posted by: whimsigal | August 26, 2007

Adventures in learning at the grocery store

Yesterday was my brother-in-law’s 21st birthday and my sister and her hubby were having a cookout to celebrate it. The boys and I had to run to the store to pick up some things she had forgotten earlier in the day. When we walked into the cart garage, we were greeted by a display that featured a Scavenger Hunt for kids to do in the store. Pre-unschooling I never would have pointed this out to the kids because I would have been in too much of a hurry to allow them the freedom to do this activity. They were so excited about doing the scavenger hunt! Here are pictures of their pages:

Ryan’s Page

Iain’s Page


It was fun for all of us to try and find the answers to each clue and the boys really got into it and the managers at the store were excited to see them do it. I would be willing to bet not too many kids are chomping at the bit to do something that looks like schoolwork at the grocery store. We weren’t able to complete the page because we ran out of time but the boys were okay with that because we had done about half of it and I agreed to hold on to them until our next trip to the store which, at the rate we’re going, will be today!



  1. Looks like fun to me! I know my kids would like to do something like that. Who doesn’t like a scavenger hunt? 🙂

  2. Yes! Because you homeschool your kids they are more inclined to do something like that. I meant conventionally schooled kids might look at it as work instead of fun.

    I thought it was fun, too. 😉

    Don’t you love the flagrant speculation I throw around about groups of people? I’ve really got to get a grip on that! LOL

  3. I’m impressed that Ryan could write out the answers! (while trying to not judge it as “good” or a lack of the skill to be “bad”.)

    You’re right – probably not too many kids would want to fill that out as they traveled through the store!

    Just goes to show that learning for them is fun, and NOT a chore.

  4. Ryan loves to write and spell things. It’s his latest fascination. His fine motor skills are pretty wild. You should see the intent look on his face when he’s drawing a picture and the attention he pays to detail, it’s very surprising.

    Iain’s not as concerned about that kind of thing. They’re like night and day! His intensity comes into play with video games, which Ryan could care less about playing.

    It was cool that they were so into the scavenger hunt. It helped to keep them from getting bored in the store which can be quite dangerous! lol

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