Posted by: whimsigal | August 23, 2007

Quiet Morning – Collecting My Thoughts

Today I’m taking full advantage of my two boys who are upstairs sleeping and two dogs who are curled up at my feet doing the same so I can organize all these thoughts in my head on Mindful and Minimal Living. For the past few days, my thoughts have been consumed by this and trying to figure out the most reasonable way to begin the transition to a healthier lifestyle. Here’s my truth people. the ugly, hard truth. I need this change. Right now, my weight is higher than my last pregnancy. At 192 and 5’3″ I don’t exactly cut a svelte figure. You pickin‘ up what I’m puttin‘ down? I’m big and I don’t want to be. My husband, bless him, is thin, as are both of my children and, while I don’t really have a desire to be Thin, I do want to be healthy. I want to be around for my boys for a long time and it feels like, if I don’t make a change, that may not happen. Enter “The Fat Fallacy” by Will Clower.

I read this book a couple of years ago and even though I am completely sold on the entire book’s premise, I did not put it into action. It is a fabulous book. It discusses the food industry and how we have all been mislead into thinking fat is bad for us. Low fat foods make you fatter, etc. He talks about eating whole foods, with fat, just eating mindfully and smaller portions. Please get a copy of this book, you will not regret it. I don’t get a kickback or anything I just LOVE it.

So, my journey for the perfect shopping experience continues. Based on some of Stephanie’s comments, I’m not buying organic chicken. I will buy as many other organic things as I can and will strive for somewhere in the neighborhood of 75-85% organic/natural. Luckily, our grocery store is offering a line of organic foods that are slightly lower in price than the name brand organic. I’m probably going shopping this weekend so I will report back to you and let you know how it goes.

Another confession: I’m a foodie. NO, not the kind who watches the Food Network like it’s porn, although my mother and sister are probably that into it, but I enjoy cooking and trying new things. Stephanie mentioned in one of her comments that she hates cooked vegetables. Shocking! I used to hate a lot of veggies, too and would only eat canned green beans or salad but in the past few years my repertoire has expanded and I would love to share with you some of my favorite things to eat and the recipes I use to prepare them. If you have any recipes to share, please do so in the comments or email them to me at I’d make that a hyperlink but frankly, I don’t know how.

Anyway, I am going to get more active in the kitchen again and my kids love to cook, too so it’s going to be a family affair. We’ll be living and learning together and I just can’t wait to get started!

Side note, I had a couple of calls yesterday from my neighbors about the newspaper article and for the most part the calls were positive and supportive. My neighbors are families in at least their late 60’s with grown children, very southern, very old-fashioned. Good people, great neighbors. One lady called to say that she applauded what we were doing. Homeschooling was one thing, she said, but unschooling, was really something. In the next breath she asked, “You are giving them standardized tests aren’t you?” (Sigh) I guess it can’t all be great. Later, I spoke to the lady who lives right next door to me. She is a character, let me tell you. This lady travels all over the place. Last year she was going to Antarctica but found out during the physical you’re required to have before going that she had to have a quadruple by-pass. She went to Italy with the guy who owns, stayed at his villa and picked olives and had them made into olive oil. We got some for Christmas and it was fabulous. She has a concealed weapons permit. I’m telling you, this lady is not what you’d expect and I love her. Anyway, she has what I’d call, spicy opinions, and she delivers them in a truly southern manner. You don’t know it was spicy until later because it seemed so sweet at the time. We were talking about the article, which she had not had an opportunity to read yet, and she said she was looking forward to reading it so she could understand what it is we’re doing. “When you told me you weren’t using a curriculum I thought well surely she’s still schooling those boys. They need an education.” (Sigh again) 🙂 Still love her.



  1. Can’t wait to hear what you find when you go shopping! I’m really with you…rather than cutting out entire food groups and ‘dieting’, it’s so much more fun to simply eat mindfully with portion control.

    People still can’t let go of the standardized tests, can they?! Sometimes I feel like I’m living in “The Emperors New Clothes” and am the guy going, “But he’s naked!!!”. I think it was a really brave thing you did to offer your family as part of teh story and think it turned out GREAT! It opened up lots of peoples eyes and I just think it will be one step at a time!

  2. Well I went to the store and I think I did all right. Got some healthy snacky things for the boys and some good whole food for me to fix. It was still $138 though! Well, I did buy Gourmet magazine but that didn’t add too much to my total.

    The standardized test thing really kills me. This year when we test, I’m going to administer it myself and then when the results come back I’m not even going to open them. I think they plant negative thoughts and doubts and cause unnecessary worry. I wish our state didn’t require them.

    Thank you for thinking what we did was brave. It was a little nerve-wracking. I’m going to post something tonight or tomorrow about my grandparents reaction to the article. Not supportive, just to give you a hint of what’s to come!



  3. I am interested in that book. 🙂 I recently read “Nourishing Traditions” by Sally Fallon and it had some of the same ideas and was fascinating.

    I enjoyed the newspaper article btw.

  4. Oooh! I’ll have to look into the book you mentioned. I love to read about that way of eating.

    Glad you enjoyed the article! It seems to have started some interesting discussions around these parts!

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