Posted by: whimsigal | August 21, 2007

Living Minimally

So my research into living green continues and on my quest I came across Green Guru, Sara Snow’s blog. One post was describing a green wedding and how the bride was embracing the idea of organic flowers but she had to let go of her vision of a large bouquet to carry down the aisle.

“green is not only about choosing the organic, natural, or chemical-free alternative to some conventional good. It is about living minimally, without excess. It’s about preserving and protecting our resources. About living mindfully; mindful of your health, the earth’s health and the health of those around you.”

That statement really struck me as rather profound because for us personally, we do a lot of keeping up with the Joneses. Big screen tv, 4 computers, wishing for a bigger fancier kitchen. It’s this very mentality that has gotten us into financial straits time and time again. Not only should we live mindfully but minimally. This is going to become my mantra.

I know this has nothing to do directly with unschooling but what I’m hoping is that by treating my children with respect, treating the environment with respect, and treating others with respect, my boys will learn how to respect all these things themselves. I hope to express to them the importance of a well-lived life and that doesn’t necessarily denote monetary success.

Thank you for encouraging me along this path and being patient with my ignorance on ecologically conscious living.



  1. It’s funny you post this at the same time we’re making a leap into simplifying over at chez childsplay. It has nothing to do with unschooling, and yet everything to do with it.

    I find it interesting that at the moment when I opened up the possibilities and choices in my family’s lives, we all started wanting better…to eat better, learn more, live purposefully… not just me, but my wee kids! The total opposite of what is expected by others who just don’t get it.

    Have fun on this path of green!

  2. Thank you, we will try our best to enjoy it and not make it a chore!

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