Posted by: whimsigal | August 19, 2007

The article came out today – please read!

For Unschoolers, the World is their classroom

I wish you could see how it looked in the paper today. WOW



  1. Yay, Evie!
    I’ll bet that many folks who are dissatisfied with their children’s education or schools will be checking out this subject today!
    How wonderful that it’s such an uplifting and encouraging article!
    How does it feel to be a heroine mentioned in the newspaper?

  2. You know, the thing I was happiest about was that it was such a positive perspective on unschooling. So many times people write about it and feel compelled to say wonderful things followed by “but…”.

    I didn’t realize that we were going to be so prominently featured in the article so that was a surprise. It was very cool! A heroine? LOL you’re too funny. I’m just waiting for the letters to the editor saying that I’m crazy!

    I wish you could have seen the layout in the paper. It was really amazing. She included links to a lot of unschooling sites and there were other boxes that discussed radical unschooling. It was so impressive.

    It’s been a wild experience!

  3. Wonderful article. I emailed them with my comments.

    And it sounds like your kids are having a wonderful time learning. What could be better?

  4. Ami,

    Thank you for your comment! You’re right – I can’t imagine life being much better than this.

    I’ve been enjoying your blog, by the way. The part about people’s kids in stores had me laughing a pretty good bit!

    Thanks again for your comment!


  5. Hey Evie, I linked to your blog I hope that was okay. I was so impressed by the article and how it all turned out. It was so wonderful, and did such a good job of describing unschooling.

  6. Absolutely! No problem at all. I’m glad you liked it enough to do that!


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