Posted by: whimsigal | August 13, 2007

Sweet Sunday

Saturday night, we all slept downstairs because we didn’t have a kennel for Lily and the boys wanted to be as close to her as possible. So down come blankets and pillows and we have an indoor campout. Lily was a very good girl and she slept part of the night wrapped around Sean’s head and the other part wrapped around mine.

We got up, ran some errands, chased Lily, cleaned up some pee and poop and then, later on this happened:


Sean can sleep anywhere and I do mean anywhere! He decided to lay down and within seconds he was asleep. As soon as Lily noticed he was on the floor, she hopped over to him, cuddled up, and went to sleep too. They both slept for about and hour and a half.



Later on in the evening Sean had some work to do so we asked the kids to go hang out in their room so Dad could have quiet time to concentrate on what he was doing. They were very cooperative and came downstairs after a little while to tell us they were bored. “What can we do?” they wondered. Play video games, we suggested. No go. Watch a movie? Nope. How about some puzzle books or dot-to-dot? Winner! With their arms full of activity books, they marched back upstairs and colored, solved puzzles, and did dot-to-dots until they were too sleepy to do anymore. It fascinates me that, even with now owning a Wii, they time and time again choose to do more creative things with their time. There’s nothing wrong with video games at all. Certainly they encourage problem solving skills along with reading skills. It’s just that we have gone from having a kid who lived and breathed video games to one that only plays them every once in a while. What will his next creative outlet be? It will be interesting to find out. A beautiful benefit to unschooling is that children have the time and the freedom to explore any interest they have and it is our responsibility to be sure they have the tools and the opportunity to follow it.



  1. For me, this is one of the beauties of blogging.
    Not only seeing the magic in the little things… but really taking note of it and celebrating it. Allowing the moments to make an impact on our lives and thinking.
    It’s a wonderful life when we only notice it!

  2. So true, friend. Many times I have forgotten to record a precious moment, thinking I would remember well enough later only to be greatly disappointed with having retained a vague memory of the event. Keeping a blog is better than a baby book I think because it feels so much more alive. Hopefully the boys will feel the same way when they’re interested in reading it!

  3. I love those pictures! I have similar ones, and my dh can fall asleep anywhere too. I keep taking pics of him on the floor, in bed, laying on the deck, and he’s starting to get whiny about it. 🙂 I also have pics of my son sleeping on the floor with our dog and cat atop him. Love it.

  4. I think those kinds of pictures are soooo funny! My husband doesn’t like it when we pick on him for falling asleep but he makes it too easy!

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