Posted by: whimsigal | August 9, 2007

housework, yeah that’s the ticket

Today has been spent getting caught up on household chore that I let fall to the wayside for the last couple of days. egads, I hate doing the laundry. I can get it into the washer and dryer but have a hard time getting around to folding it. Don’t know why I dread that so.

Iain is so close to finishing Super Paper Mario. Ryan has been playing on his computer today and kindly posing for a few photos.

Menswear Fall 2007

I call this shot of Ryan, Menswear Fall 2007.


groundhog day

Jiminy Christmas, wasn’t the kid in that same spot yesterday?! 🙂

crazy taxi - Donald style

Yeah, I’m doing the housework, I swear!! The kids are getting a little restless so I have got to come up with something for us to do today. I bought a book with craft ideas for kids so maybe we’ll look in there and do something creative today. Perhaps we’ll finally get started on the movie project. It’s just been so hot and buggy that we don’t want to go outside and film anything.



  1. Ha ha-is Ryan wearing a clip-on tie? That is so funny.

    I hear you on not wanting to venture out in the hot weather. It just said it was 110 in my car although I am sure that is an exaguration on the part of my car!


  2. Hey Marin!

    He is wearing a clip-on tie. When he combines that with a shirt with a packet he says he’s ready to go to work!

    God, this heat is horrific. I swore I was not leaving the house today and so far so good.

    110 may not be an exaggeration! I saw on the news last night that your side of the state is getting hit pretty hard by this heat wave.


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