Posted by: whimsigal | August 3, 2007

What a difference a day makes

We had an appraiser out today, he looked eerily like Al Gore, thank goodness my recycle can was in full effect. In preparation for that, I was cleaning like a mad woman and, as my grandma used to say, was busier than a one-armed paperhanger. The guy was here for 10 minutes tops so I felt a little deflated that I had spent all that time cleaning up. However, had he walked in an seen this:
I think the appraisal would have turned out in the negative numbers!

This afternoon, I offered to watch my niece for my sister who was feeling very stressed out. See, the baby has had a wacky nap schedule lately so when she won’t sleep, it stresses my sis out. I can relate because I was like that, too. You know how it is. I’m just here to offer moral support. Check out how cute she is:

I just love those arms and her legs? wooo! don’t get me started. Mine look a lot like them, with rolls and such, but somehow it’s not as cute on me.



  1. Oh-so-cute!

    Be prepared to find salami and cookies in those lower cabinets… I know it’s been a while since your boys were small.
    And you’re not getting to see her day to day mischief (cuteness) anymore!
    Glad you got to save sis and admire the little tot.

  2. Well, I still see her almost every day. My sister lives just around the corner and she’s my best friend so we hang out a lot.

    Did I mention we’re married to brothers? 🙂

    Believe it or not I’m still finding Nilla wafers that the little cutie walked around here with. That’s how good at housekeeping I am…Also, the boys being official kids doesn’t exempt us from finding odd things. Now I get worms in pockets and the like. And my husband wonders why I hate doing the laundry!

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