Posted by: whimsigal | July 29, 2007

Natural Science Center day

After spending the morning watching “Wishbone” episodes on DVR and waiting for the rain to stop, we made it out to the local Natural Science Center in the afternoon. It’s an awesome place chock full of things to do. They added a zoo this year and, while I really get sad seeing animals locked up, it IS cool to be able to get so close to some exotic animals. We saw meerkats, tigers, gibbons, and my personal fave, tortoises. They’re just so relaxed, hanging out in the mud, eating some lettuce. Yeah, I think I could live like that. Think how great my skin would look after all those mud masks. 🙂

Here are some pics from today:

Hubby took this one.

This one’s mine.

Hubby took this one, too.

After we went through the zoo, we headed inside and did some brain teaser puzzles and walked though a maze they had set up. I only did it once but the kids did it over and over again. They loved it!

This is my big kid. He had to do the puzzles, too.

Can you read the kid’s shirt? I love it! We bought this at Old Navy last year.


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