Posted by: whimsigal | July 27, 2007

New things to learn

In addition to having a desire to make their own video games, the boys have suddenly developed an interest in movie-making as well. The idea was inspired by a boy named Ricky on You Tube who has filmed his Mario and Luigi toys on all kinds of adventures. Iain and Ryan have watched these so many times that they know them by heart and actually play them in their rooms. It’s funny how the internet changes things. When we were kids, we would imitate a tv show or a book we read, now my kids are imitating other “real” kids and the movies they’ve made. Anyway, Iain has expressed an interest in making a movie, adding sound, etc, so now I’m hunting for some software that he can use to edit his movies. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

So let’s see, we’re learning Flash, video-editing software, and photo-editing software. I can tell you this, when we changed course and decided to unschool instead of school-at-home, I never would have envisioned their interests developing this quickly. What an amazing process to be a part of!



  1. Hey! Us too!
    We actually made a movie yesterday, it’s called Jurassic World, and I had to edit it down to 54 seconds so it would be under 100 meg.
    I thought that we could put video into blogger, but it looks like we need to do it through youtube?
    ANyway, I can’t get a wireless connection yesterday or today (so I”m on dial-up) and because of that I’m slow and can’t get big files uploaded.
    If I make any discoveries, I’ll let you know.
    I just use the software that came with s3, it will let me edit and add, but I don’t have time for that right now! (too many other things going on.)
    I’ll let you know if I make any great discoveries!

  2. Hey!
    Maybe your boys are way past this, and already to it, I don’t know, but our children’s museum has this little set up with a few toys, Mr. Potato head, blocks, horses, dinos, cars, etc, and you can put your various things in the scene (with your choice of background) and hit this large button to take a picture, then move things a little, and take anohter pic, and so on, creating animation.
    Is this what your boys are doing?
    You could certainly do it with a digital camera.
    Could probably even find some free software (like on cnet) to put it all together….
    just a thought.

  3. That’s a great idea! Right now we’re focusing on Flash because they really want to do something with Mario and Luigi. I’ve been trying to get them interested in the claymation-style movie but no luck so far.

    Maybe we’ll take a trip to the children’s museum next week and see what they have. Perhaps when they see it in action they’ll be more open to it.

  4. Hey cool – I have a boy who’s totally into this sort of thing as well. He’s almost 15 and is already considering careers in both computer programming, animation, and movie-making. The other day i came home to find him and his 16 yr old friend dressed in old halloween costumes and filming in the front yard. Fun stuff!

  5. Laura that does sound like fun! It’s great that your son has the freedom to consider his interests and can begin to think about what he’d like to do with them. Not to say that he won’t change his mind but so many kids his age have their time eaten up with school responsibilities that they don’t really get to delve into the things that interest them most.

    I look forward to seeing my boys doing that as well. Not rushing, of course! I’m going to savor their childhood while it’s here, but I can already imagine similar activities taking place at our house.

    Nice to see you here!

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