Posted by: whimsigal | July 25, 2007

Mega Bloks Rocks!

All right, so I bitched a little bit about how hard it is to put together Mega Bloks projects. What I didn’t know at the time was how great their customer service is. The set we bought on Monday came with a stretchy-armed Sandman, well, it wasn’t that stretchy because it broke. Sean suggested I call the company and see what they would do about it. I called to 800# on the box and was told by an automated voice that all reps were currently busy and to please leave my name and number after the tone so someone could call me back. Well, I left my info but didn’t really believe they would call. Color me surprised because today they DID call! Nice, nice lady, too. I described the problem we had and she immediately said they would send us a replacement. Great! I had one more question for her which she very politely listened to. The whole reason we bought this set was because Ryan couldn’t find an old one that he wanted. It came out a few years ago and had a retractable web for Spidey to use. Did she know where I might be able to order that part? No problem! They’ll throw that one in, too!

I might not love MegaBloks projects but my kids sure do. What I love is a company that gives great customer service. They fit the bill, for sure.


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