Posted by: whimsigal | July 23, 2007

The Family Room

We’re fortunate enough to have a room in our home dedicated to the toys, tv, computers, and other things that entertain our children. It also houses some rather lonely exercise equipment but that’s neither here nor there. The interesting thing is that, even though the boys have a room especially for them to spread out all their toys and make as big a mess as they want to, they always end up in the family room. So what, you might be asking. Isn’t it called a family room for a reason? Of course it is and it’s where we hang out together watching tv, playing board games, etc. It’s just not where I would like a bunch of toys all the time. Well, take a look

at what my family room has looked like for the past couple of days. At first, I was a little frustrated by it because, the older I get the less I can take all the clutter. At any rate, I start getting a little tense when messes like these find their way out of the playroom and into the family room. Today though I realized something. The kids like being around us and they want to share their discoveries and their creations with us. Being tucked away in the playroom makes it harder for them to share their magical moments when they happen. So I decided to chill out. So what if there are some Legos all over the floor? I can appreciate the creative energy that put them there and just pick up the Legos at a later time. It’s one of those things that can drive you crazy if you let it so it’s a good time to just breathe and enjoy the fact that the kids don’t want to be far away. Treasure the moments that come to you.



  1. What a tidy mess that is.
    My messes all come equipped with cracker crumbs, stuck to honey, colored with mustard, on top of a grape popsicle stain.

  2. Well, I didn’t take any pictures of the grease stains on my nice sofas left there by my steak sandwich, or the drool marks left by my niece. I could have but I’m too embarrassed to do that. 🙂

  3. by the way, I have ever told you how funny you are?? Your comments have such giggle capacity.

  4. That looks like a fun room!! Perfect spot for legos all over. My kids also have toys in a ‘playroom’ that they like to redistribute all over the rest of the house. On a good day, it’s cute. On a bad day…oy.

  5. oy! I’ve said that many a time myself when taking in the mess that is left behind when my little tornadoes swirl through the house.

    We’re on Day 4 of legomania around here!

  6. Ha!
    She confesses shamefacedly that she has Two Stains.
    Only two!
    I’m sorry, I don’t think we can be friends anymore!

  7. You know what! It’s a good thing I don’t have your email address or else I would walk around my house and take a picture of every single pee stain, apple juice box drip trail, soda stain, and the lipstick art on my walls. I wish I only had two stains!!!


    How are you today?

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