Posted by: whimsigal | July 20, 2007

Busy week!

This has been a crazy week! Monday and Tuesday one of my husband’s old friends came to stay with us. although we had spoken on the phone a few times, we had never met in person until Monday. He’s nice, very inquisitive. On Tuesday, I guess any shyness had worn off, he began to really quiz us about homeschooling and then unschooling. As much as we tried to explain it, he just didn’t get it. He kept coming back around to, “Unfortunately, we have to live in society’s rules and one day you’ll have to sit them down and say ‘you have to do x'” which was really pissing me off. He’s one of these people who isn’t actually doing anything with his own life. There’s nothing wrong with that, if that’s what he wants to do except for the fact that he wants the government to take care of him, and wants to insure that there are plenty of worker bees around to support him. Sorry, that’s not why I had kids. Gingerly stepping off my soapbox now. Sorry about that. In spite of the fact that his views were seriously getting on my nerves, he really does seem like a nice person and was a relatively pleasant houseguest.

I’m not even sure what we did on Wednesday. That’s how much of a blur this week has been. Today, we got up and went to breakfast with my sister and my niece and then traveled on over to our local used bookstore. God, how I love that place. Perhaps you’ve read on here somewhere that I have almost an OCD when it comes to books. Must read, all the time. Well, I picked up some gems today. How many of you remember a series of books in the 70’s, published by Serendipity Press, written by Stephen Cosgrove? Titles like Flutterby, Creole, Leo the Lop. Well these books bring back vivid memories of weekend trips to the bookstore with my parents, sitting on the floor on the children’s aisle and pouring through book after book in this series. We had a couple but there were so many and I wanted them all but alas, that was not to be. Until today. While at the used bookstore, I happened upon one of these books on a shelf in the kids section and the next 10 minutes were spent combing through each book until I had in my hot little hands every one of those books that were there. They were $1.50 each and worth every penny. I think I ended up with 7 or 8. Of course, the boys could care less about them and that’s something that hurt a little at first but then I remembered that they’re just not into reading like I am. It’s ok! I have to remind myself of that sometimes. Geez I’m just rambling tonight.

Later we visited my husband at work, went to our second home (Target), and then went to my parent’s house to set up the Wii they just bought. How hilarious is that? My dad is 60 and my mom is turning 56 in August. Not only are they looking forward to playing it but so are my grandparents who are in their late 80’s. It just cracks me up.

After that, my sister and brother-in-law came over with my niece, Makena. Iain, Ryan, and Makena played in the pool and I would post pics but I don’t want to wig my sister out. One thing I think everyone should know is that my sister and I are married to brothers. Yes it’s uncommon, no it’s not illegal, and no we’ve never been on Jerry Springer. It was weird at first but it’s actually worked out really well. My sister and I are very close so we’re all close and it’s a nice dynamic, especially for our kids. They also live right around the corner which is awesome when I lock myself out of the house.

Anyway, it’s late, the kids are sleeping in my bed and I’m getting ready to read a John Holt book that came a few days ago,”Learning All the Time”. Harry Potter is arriving on Saturday and I must have Mr. Holt finished by then!

Hmmm. I forgot to shower today. Oh well, tomorrow is another day.



  1. Yew maka me lahff.

  2. I had to comment about the Stephen Cosgrove books. Talk about a blast from the past! I learned to read from those books…probably when I was 6, so…1978. (Yikes!) I haven’t seen any in years–it’s nice to know they’re still out there, I’ll have to check.

    Also, I can empathize with frustrating comments from people. One stranger behind me in a grocery line huffed when he overheard me talking about homeschooling my kids. He said, “Are you going to home employ them, too?”


  3. Hi Steph! Was that the craziest post ever? I went back and read it this morning and I sounded like a 4 year old after drinking 2 cans of Jolt Cola.

  4. Childsplay,

    Thanks for stopping by! It’s nice that you remember those books, too. They are such sweet stories, definitely check around for them. I found tons for sale on ebay, too.

    Wow, that person at the grocery store was an ass! It’s amazing the things that perfect strangers feel at liberty to say. He was probably a ne’er do well himself. They seem to be the ones the most “worried” about our kids!

    Thanks so much for your comment,


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