Posted by: whimsigal | July 14, 2007

For non-believers

Iain came in and asked me, “Momma, how many 8’s are in 24?” For some reason I was dull-witted when he posed the question and didn’t know what he was asking. Thank goodness he’s patient because after he repeated it four or twelve times, I finally understood and said, “3.”

He thought about it for a minute and said,”Ok, that’s all I wanted to know. Thanks.’

I wondered why he needed this information. Was he working on something? “No,” he said, “I just wondered how many 8’s are in 24. Now I know 3×8=24.”

Damn, the kid is just wondering about multiplication in his spare time. I asked him if he wanted to learn his times tables and he vigorously shook his head no. Of course not. Why would he when we can talk about it whenever the mood strikes instead of sitting down and pouring over some boring worksheets. <> Unschooling is cool.


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