Posted by: whimsigal | July 13, 2007

Adventures in the kitchen

“Mama, what can we do today?” This is the question my darling, youngest son asked me at 8:00PM. So what did we do? We made our own playdoh! It was stinky, messy, and tons of fun. I’m still not sure the consistency was what the recipe intended but it worked out all right for us. The boys were fascinated watching the salt and cornstarch come together with water and transform from a milky mixture to a thick, gloppy one. At that moment they decided they wanted to make their own ooze, like Venom from Spider-Man. As you’ll see from the pictures we couldn’t get it black so they had to be content with blackish green.

It also kind of looked like baby poop. They played with it for a while and now it is sleeping in the refrigerator, waiting for tomorrow when they come up with any number of things to hide in the ooze.


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