Posted by: whimsigal | June 26, 2007

Just can’t get enough Super Mario Bros

The boys have an obsession with Super Mario Bros. That’s right, I said it. An obsession. It has lead to many a meltdown because there aren’t any toys locally available that would help satisfy their need to have an action figure for everything they love. There was Buzz Lightyear, Woody, Spider-Man, Ben 10, Power Rangers, but nobody here sold Mario toys. Dateline: yesterday. Ryan was messing around on his computer as usual. He had asked me to google “mario Lego toys” and he was sitting pouring through page after page of results. Keep in mind the kid is 5 and doesn’t read much but he has the patience of Job for going through all the results that turn up in a search. Well, all that patience and perseverance paid off because he found instructions, albeit in Japanese, to build a lego Mario. And so a mandate was handed down to me: Build me a lego Mario, Momma! So I did.

Not too shabby!

Well, truth be told, Ryan’s favorite is Luigi which just puts salt in the wound when we’re looking for toys and images to put on his computer. As few Mario toys as there are, there are even fewer Luigi and Ryan just can’t stand the injustice of it all. Why should Mario get all the glory? Another mandate was handed down to me: Momma, build me a Luigi! So I did.


Now, please don’t let me act like I did all this on my own because I didn’t. The instructions called for some very specific lego pieces, many of which we didn’t have, so the boys had to help me comb through the pile for pieces that would work. We really put our heads together to make Mario and Luigi and the looks of adoration that I got when we were all done let me know just how much fun they had. They are off right now playing with them and I’ll probably have to put them back together a million times but these toys have already begun to lead us along the unschooling trail. Iain wants to go to Japan to teach people how to speak English, of course he said we have to first learn Japanese. Ryan wants to go just so he can see where Mario and Luigi were born. I love living life this way.


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