Posted by: whimsigal | June 20, 2007

Fun and Games

Here are some pics that I promised I would share:

This is the box to Iain and Ryan’s board game.

Here is the board. Ryan did the left side and Iain the right.

This is a sample of the pieces. We searched for images on the internet and then pasted them onto little wooden squares.

This is the Warp Pipe Dice Tumbler. We couldn’t figure our how to make a 3-D warp pipe on the board and when Iain spotted this koozie at Michael’s, this was the best idea he came up with. Pretty cool!

We think they did a great job on the game and we’re looking forward to their next endeavor!



  1. I’m so impressed!
    As we knew I would be!

  2. Thanks so much!

    Hey, check out this website. I think you will really dig this woman’s style!

    I haven’t even cooked anything she makes and I already love her.

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