Posted by: whimsigal | June 19, 2007

Time keeps on slippin’

Tomorrow my baby is turning 8. 8 years ago I became a mom for the first time and was introduced to the wonderful world of parenting. It’s hard to believe Iain is going to be 8 years old. It seems like only yesterday he was telling me “I tix it, Momma, I tix it!” when something needed repair. Where did this thoughtful, sensitive young man come from when just moments ago he was a cooing infant, snuggled against my breast? It’s so cliche but totally true that time with your children goes by too fast.

In celebration of Iain’s birthday he has a dental appointment at 8:30. Way to go, mom! It’s no big deal, he’s just getting a separator put in, but had I been thinking more clearly when scheduling it I would have delayed it a day. At any rate Sean is taking the day off so we’re going to be able to spend the whole day together doing whatever fun things Iain can come up with. Saturday Iain is having a friend over to play and then we’re taking them both to the movies. Ryan and I are going to see Surf’s Up because he doesn’t want to see Spider-Man 3 again. That night our families are coming over for burgers, dogs, and cake. I call this the birthday week!

Father’s Day was awesome! In the morning on Saturday, the boys gave Sean the board game they created and he LOVED it. We all got together and played it and really enjoyed playing something they made. They have already decided there are changes they want to make and are planning their next run at it. On Sunday Sean wanted to drive up to the mountains so we went up to Little Switzerland to do some mineral panning and then we visited Linville Falls. Panning for gems was so much fun! We bought two 1 gallon buckets of rocks and then found a place to sit at the water trough. I don’t know if that’s what it’s called but anyway, we shoveled some of the rock mixture into a box with screen on the bottom and then swished it around in the water. We found amethysts, sapphires, rubies, rose quartz, and even some turquoise I think. Nothing that we could use to make jewelry but it was fun to pick out the precious stones from the junky ones. Next stop was Linville Falls and boy, was that beautiful! I was mad as all get out because I forgot to put the CF card back in the camera so we didn’t get one picture of our trip up there but trust me. Linville Falls has some of the most beautiful scenery you’ll ever see. It was a really great weekend.

Come back in a day or so and there will be pics of the board game on here!



  1. I’m going to cram all of my comments into this one little box….

    about the “so cliche that time goes by so fast” – I think this is why I find it so imperative to live my best life with my children,and not waste any of it on the mundane, or let it go by unnoticed with my blessing. It can be so magical and beautiful if we only make the room! 🙂
    How wonderful you trip and adventuring sounds! And all those beautiful stones! Splendid! I’m so jealous.
    Dh has this week off, and the best we can hope for in these parts is arrowheads and 250 million year old rocks. Not too shabby, maybe, but certainly not as glamorous as your beautiful amethysts!

  2. You know what was really funny to me? When we were picking out the flecks of stones from the “pan”, Iain kept exclaiming, “We’re rich!” He would pick up a chip and commit it to paying off our house, car, etc. It just cracked me up! We really, really enjoyed ourselves that day. I bet my boys would have been doubly excited if they uncovered some ancient arrowheads or fossilized rocks! That is pretty cool, too!

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