Posted by: whimsigal | June 5, 2007

A New Outlook

Today was the first day spent without my niece coming over. Well, the first official Monday of our new life of being able to go out and wander the world. We went to Target. LOL

This morning, Iain woke up at 6:15 (so much for sleeping until 7:30!). He had set his alarm so he could get up and see Sean before he left for work. It was very sweet. I could hear them talking while Sean was in the shower so I decided to go ahead and get up and relish the few quiet moments to myself to check out the news in the world and look through my email. Once Sean left, Iain and I enjoyed a nice breakfast together – scrambled eggs, bacon, and toast. It was lovely! We sat on the sofa and watched some shows that we had no idea were on in the mornings because we were usually tuned into something baby appropriate. Ryan woke up about 9:30 and came downstairs to snuggle with Iain on the sofa.

In the afternoon, we were interviewed by a woman writing an article in our local paper on unschooling. I was a little nervous about it. Would I say everything I wanted to say? Would I present unschooling as the positive option I believe it to be? She was very sweet and seemed to genuinely be interested in unschooling. Hopefully, her article will indeed be a positive one and will help demonstrate that one can put faith in one’s children to learn, in spite of a lack of textbooks and drudge work.

Iain and Ryan have found a website that allows them to create their own Sonic the Hedgehog characters which they absolutely go wild over and today, we spent a lot of time creating characters, copying them into Paint, and manipulating them into wallpapers. Here is an example of one of the creatures that Iain created:
In case you couldn’t tell, Iain’s favorite color is green. 🙂
Both boys enjoy the plentiful options available to them at this website and I’m glad. It allows them to get creative with one of their favorite characters.
All in all today was a good day. When we went to Target, the boys got a little crazy but I think it’s because they were feeling a little stir crazy. Tomorrow we’re going to the Farmer’s Market with my sister and that should be an adventure!

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