Posted by: whimsigal | June 3, 2007

Wonderful Weekend

In spite of the fact that both Iain and Ryan have been suffering through summer colds this has been a great weekend! Yesterday we spent a lot of time just vegging and hanging around the house. Sean finally finished up a bike project that he’d been working on and was quite pleased with his handiwork. Iain made great progress on a video game that had been giving him some trouble (Super Mario Strikers) and was able to beat several levels and gain quite a bit of self-confidence to boot. Ryan decided that he was going to skateboard and fully decked himself out in skating regalia. The funy thing was he was only wearing underwear and shoes with all the protective gear. I wonder if Tony Hawk ever did that.

Later last night we watched, “Flushed Away”, which is a really cute movie. The boys thoroughly enjoyed it. My favorite part was anything with the slugs in it. I was impressed that anyone could make slugs so appealing! Iain went to bed but Ryan wanted to stay up and read, “Snug House Bug House” to us. I was amazed at all the words Ryan knew!

Today is my favorite kind of day. Gray and rainy. Perfect for curling up with a book for the afternoon. It’s great to get out of the house and explore the world but sometimes I’m just as content to sit home and snuggle up with my family. Those are the moments I enjoy the most.


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