Posted by: whimsigal | May 25, 2007

Freedom – Not License!

I’m SO excited! Today in the mailbox were two books that I ordered a couple of days ago upon recommendations from some unschooling boards to which I belong. The first is Freedom – Not License! and it’s written by a man who was a headmaster of a school in England and explains how to give your children freedom without allowing them to infringe upon the rights of others. It goes right to the heart of the issues I’ve been having and hopefully will illuminate them for me.

The second is a book called Living Math and it’s chock full of math activities that can be done with both boys. It’s important to me that the boys understand mathmatical concepts, not just HOW to do a problem and it seems that this book is full of great ideas that will help them really “get” math. Maybe it will help me, too. I was one of those kids who understood the problems while the teacher went through the steps in class but forgot how to do it by the time I got home and was faced with 30 or 40 problems to do for homework. God, I will never forget the blankness that overcame me when confronted with the math portion of the SAT. Awful. My boys should never have to go through that.

We went out to lunch with Sean today and ate at the Mexican restaurant close to his office. Iain and Ryan actually ate salsa! I just about fell out of the booth because they are two of the finickiest eaters that ever walked this earth. They loved it! Ryan was really enjoying himself and I think he was just a little proud that he tried something new to eat. The rest of the day is going to be spent playing and reading. Ahhhh! I love holiday weekends!


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