Posted by: whimsigal | May 15, 2007

Stomach bugs!

A couple of weeks ago we all suffered through a stomach bug and were so glad when it was all gone. Well, imagine my surprise today when Iain woke up with another stomach bug! We had to reschedule a dentist appointment that had already been postponed once because I sprained my ankle and couldn’t get him there. Now Iain has to go back on his birthday. Oh well. Poor Iain, he was so miserable earlier today. I’m glad he’s feeling better now. He and Ryan are watching The Goonies for the 1 millionth time. They really love it!

Yesterday we just hung out around the house, playing games, watching TV. Our Internet was down all day so we couldn’t do anything on the web. They guy came to repair our TV and told me if we hadn’t had the warranty, the repair would have cost $1000. Geez! I wouldn’t have fixed it. I probably would have gone back to a regular TV. If you ever get a big screen TV BUY THE WARRANTY. We paid $500 for ours and it totally paid for itself yesterday.

While I cooked dinner last night, Iain noticed a bowl of nuts I had on the counter. There was a mix of brazil nuts, almonds, filberts. all from Christmastime and he wanted to try and crack one open. Of course once he did it Ryan wanted to also so they were on the patio with nutcrackers, hammers, a tenderizing mallet, and boy did they make a mess! They had soo much fun though and it’s something I never would have thought about allowing them to do before unschooling. From now on, the time in our lives prior to unschooling will be referred to here as BU. I’d use PU but it would make me laugh too hard to finish any posts.

I spoke to the wife of Iain’s former soccer coach today and she was so, so nice. They invited us to the end of the year party and are going to give Iain a trophy, even though he didn’t finish the season. They are a really nice family and I appreciated their thoughtfulness. Hopefully we can get together with them soon because I have missed hanging out with Gia. She is such a trip!

Well today is being spent in sick mode so not too much to record today. One interesting thing to note – Ryan has been incredibly helpful lately, offering to get things, put water in the dog’s bowl, pour himself some tea. Don’t know where it’s coming from but it’s cool to see him asserting his independence.


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