Posted by: whimsigal | March 27, 2007

Super Mario Bros.

Have I mentioned that the boys are big video game fans? They LOVE Sonic, Mario, Luigi, Link, Harry Potter and they are always begging me to make them costumes like their favorite characters. Well, a seamstress I am not and unfortunately we haven’t been able to locate too many kids costumes in the form of the video game characters. So a couple of nights ago, I did my best to make them something so they could enjoy pretending to be Mario and Luigi. I bought some felt at Hobby Lobby and we bought them baseball hats at Target, one green and one red. Here are the results of my hard work!
They look pretty good don’t they?! Hey, if you can’t brag about yourself on your own blog, where can you do it? Needless to say, Iain and Ryan have been living in these hats ever since. I might not be able to make the complete ensemble of overalls and shirts but they were pleased as punch with the hats. Iain came up to me later, in a quiet moment in the evening, and gave me a hug and said, “Momma, homemade costumes are better than the ones you get at the store. They come with something extra.” What extra?, I wondered. “Happiness!” he replied and bounded off to play with his brother. Sean just looked at me and smiled. Seriously, are there other boys on the planet as sweet as that?! Ok, I know there are, but the sweet things just catch me off guard.

Last night, I was practicing saying yes. Ryan wanted to decorate cookies with some tube icing. Did I think he would eat the cookies? No. Did I think there was going to be a big mess? Yes. Deep breath…exhale. Ok, let them decorate cookies and damn the mess! They had so much fun and it was worth the cleanup! They had a really good time and we enjoyed watching them get creative.


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